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How to Add a User to Google Analytics (in only 1 minute)

How to Add a User to Google Analytics

Adding users to Google Analytics will allow others to view and manage data about how people use your website like where the traffic is coming from, what pages are being viewed, and how many people are visiting your site. Oftentimes, when you are working with a marketing company, SEO expert ;), or web developer, they will want access to your Google Analytics account to help quantify and analyze their work.

You can quickly add someone to your Google Analytics account by following these steps:

Add Users to Google Analytics

You may add as many people as you like. You can add some to a whole account, a property, or to a single view:

1 – Log in to Google Analytics

Log into Google Analytics

2 – Click Admin in the bottom left-hand corner

click admin in the bottom left corner of Google Analytics

3 – Select the account, property, or view that you want.

You can give access based on the Account (the highest level), Property (second highest level), or View (the lowest level).

select the account property or view in Google Analytics

4 – In your preferred Account, Property, or View column (depending upon whether you want to add users at the account, property, or view level), click Access Management.

5 – In the Account permissions list, click +, then click Add users.

6 – Enter the email address for the user’s Google Account.

7 – Select Notify new users by email to send a message to the user.

8 – Select the permissions you want. Learn more about permissions.

9 – Click Add.

How do I add a non-gmail account to Google Analytics?

To add a non-google account to Google Analytics you can go here and select “Use my current email address instead.”

add a non-gmail account to Google Analytics

This will, technically, create a new Google Account that is tied to your existing non-gmail email account and allows you to use that email to login and access Google properties like Google Analytics. To hopefully clarify, you will need a Google Account to access Google Analytics, but you can tie a non-google account to a google account and then use the non-google account to login (Hopefully that makes sense).

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